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Mr. and Mrs.

  September 23-25 I’m finished with my series of seven paintings that were gifts for my brother’s wedding so I’m showing the two paintings that were part of the reception. … Continue reading

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Popping from the Dark

August 2013 This is my favourite painting, hands down. The Trilliums look so real to me and I really have no idea how it happened. I struggled through some parts just … Continue reading

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The Three of Us

September 2013 I saved this one for the sixth painting to show you in this album of seven, for it is the only portrait in colour! 🙂 This is my brother’s wife … Continue reading

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Wine and Bagels

August 2013 For my 5th installment, I decided that it was time for some food!! Seeing that it’s December, and that we can all finally say that Chri– er I mean, … Continue reading

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Engagement Party!

December 2011 My brother and his girlfriend – now wife – got engaged on October 29th and we had a celebration party on November 11th the same year! This painting … Continue reading

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September 2013 A very simple post this time, these are the balloons that David Vy Huynh used in my brother and his wife’s engagement photo shoot. Instead of painting their faces as … Continue reading

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“Superman’s” backlit painting

March 2013 The second out of seven paintings in my brother’s wedding gift. Trust – the most necessary commodity while painting a backlit photo. I needed to trust my skills, … Continue reading

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