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Art Nouveau – Initials

February 2014 Art Nouveau is mostly made up of metal work with few straight lines and a whole lot of vines/integrated gardens. For this work I chose to use tin … Continue reading

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Photoshop Edition

September 20, 2013 Considering that I’m doing a series on photos that I painted for my brother’s wedding I figured that the program cover would be a nice addition! In the stress … Continue reading

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Knit Blanket

September  2010 – February 2011 I’m sorry that I haven’t posted the last two weeks but seeing that it’s summer, Friday’s are REALLY busy! This post is quite debatable as … Continue reading

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Compass Print

December 2012 This was a particularly frustrating piece!!! The idea was to carve out a design in a block of linoleum. A corner design, “Romanesque” border and an image in … Continue reading

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