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Pointillism – Picnic

Pointalism March 2014 I just looked at this piece again and realized that it could in theory be a continuation on Impressionism. The wooden planks are intended to be a picnic table but could in theory be part of a deck or bridge. Oh, and this is the other work with crayons! Although the “dot dot dot” gets very tiring after a while and not much ground can’t be covered very quickly, mixing colours was interesting because to get the shadows I had to “mix” dots of complementary colours aka red and green / orange and blue / yellow and purple. I’ve done this before in my paintings however this felt completely different seeing that the dots are still their original colours but our eyes blend them for us. With paint I mixed the colours so I could see what was going on the canvas and what the end result would be, but with this one I had to have faith that it would still look good or even better.

I’m very happy that I chose to insert the wine bottle as it creates a balance between the horizontal lines of the bottom 2/3 and the very vertical triangles of the top 1/3.  Speaking of the wine bottle, the wine is a combination of a comparably huge number of colours. Everything from pink to blue to brown to white is in there. This was a fun (but meticulous) piece to do.

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