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Art Nouveau – Initials


February 2014

Art Nouveau is mostly made up of metal work with few straight lines and a whole lot of vines/integrated gardens. For this work I chose to use tin foil to create my initials in the font of the era. Following this I made “vines” with “leaves” at the ends to weave into my work.

I chose to paint the background black because I believe that a different colour, or a multi-coloured background, would have dulled the shiny look of the tinfoil. When building this piece, I had to keep reminding myself to not make the letters too thick because then I would have had the undesired “pipe” effect- the wider areas were the hardest for this. I also learned that normal glue does not attach to the tinfoil the way I was hoping, so I needed to use more than the normal amount and it had to sit flat for a few days. For this reason the vines are pushed into the letters to give them more support, and the parts of the vines not touching the letters is interactive in such a way that they can be repositioned to any desired layout.

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