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Realism – The Ghost of Darwin

Ghost of Darwin

February 2014

Although this piece doesn’t particularly fit the definition of realism, the statue and the background are both real, yet the statue is an artistic one rather than based off an event. Similarly, the statue in real life is a bronze colour but I chose to leave it sketched for interests sake. Normally colour is used to draw attention but sometimes, this case for example, colour is avoided to get the same, if not a more, striking effect.

The frame is drawn as part of the art because large gold frames were frequently used and is meant to ‘age’ the art.

I’m very proud with this work because the ‘unfinished’ look doesn’t quite suit what I normally strive for. Therefore, this piece developed into what it is rather than followed a specific plan. A trait of the artistic world that I am not accustomed to and am still learning.

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