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February 2014
Hello again! I know I haven’t posted anything in what feels forever, but here I am and ready to bring you a series of art history pieces – one post at a time! 🙂 By all of the upcoming posts a single style is portrayed. Some of them are, for a variety of reasons, quicker and less intense than others. And so it is my intention to list those reasons with each post.
Today’s post deals, as mentioned by the title, with ‘Neoclassicism’. But, you might wonder, what exactly does this era represent? Well, it started in France in the mid to late 1700s  and lasted until about 1800. The style’s main features include a relaxed pose- one void of action and excitement, a fairly shallow background and somber-ish colours.

To create this piece, I was given an outlined portrait of a female and the main features of the style. I chose pencil crayons as my medium. The lines of the tiles in the floor, the wall decoration and the couch itself in it’s ‘L’ shape direct your eyes to the female’s face, which is supposed to be the point of focus. If I had to pick an area of which I am most proud it would have to be her dress. I love the way in which the blue mixes with the green and creates a dress that compliments the red seat. This most certainly adds interest to the brown / tan background.

Others in the series:

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