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Wine and Bagels


August 2013

For my 5th installment, I decided that it was time for some food!! Seeing that it’s December, and that we can all finally say that Chri– er I mean, New Years’ is just around the corner, I could break out the wine as well!

For my brother’s engagement shoot, with the previously mentioned David Vy Huynh,  this arrangement along with the balloons in “Happiness” were used. In total, this arrangement consists of  bagels and strawberries in the bowl as well as a hunk of Dutch cheese, grapes, the wine bottle and a pair of glasses on the weaved box.

The most difficult parts to paint was getting the bagels “just so”- I struggled with them for a few days – and the wine glasses to look translucent. I imagine that painting water would be very similar to painting glass, because they have to be “clear”, but somehow they still have to have a presence… The grass was also an adventure on its own, seeing that it wasn’t all green, because there was the dancing sun shining through the trees and playing tricks with the colours!

For the first time, the main subject of one of my paintings is food and I love it!

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