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Photoshop Edition


September 20, 2013

Considering that I’m doing a series on photos that I painted for my brother’s wedding I figured that the program cover would be a nice addition!

In the stress of my brother’s wedding I was asked to create the cover for the program.  In desperation, I grabbed my new laptop and set to work, I opened Photoshop Elements 10 for the first time in my life and experienced a major learning curve. I had Photoshopped before but never for something like this and never with this program. Stealing some of the best or most “convenient”  photos from their engagement shoot with David Huynh  I combined them into this virtual “collage”. The Blurring and Smudging tools quickly became my best friends in this endeavour and the writing would go on the left side which is why I left it fairly uneventful.  Whipping this up in the few hours I had, brought the greatest sense of accomplishment in photoshopping that I have ever experienced.

I hope you like it!!! Feel free to comment down below or message me on Facebook if that’s where you came from! 😛


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