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Midnight Surprise

Midnight Surprise

September 24, 2013

Painted in one day, this is my fastest painting ever and I’m using it to debut my Brother’s Wedding Collection. I have 7 paintings – all of which you will be seeing and hopefully enjoy!  This painting was my first coloured flower painting ever but the last painting I did before the wedding which was on the 27th!!! Talk about nerve wrecking and stressful!  Starting on the background I left the flower’s space on the canvas empty. Then I worked my way to the middle of the flower. If I had to estimate how many layers of paint went on to each petal I’d have to say about 20 -25 on the larger petals, about 7-15 on the middle ones and 3-5 on the petals in the very middle. So to say the very least It was a fairly time-consuming piece to be painting the same things over and over again but I do think that it was all extremely worth it and I love how it came out!  This is the first painting to have an official name and the thanks goes to my dad!!!! 🙂

Hope that you love it and I’m sorry for not posting for so long!!!

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