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Crossed Leg and Foot Sketches

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I know that I mentioned that I hardly sketch, but some time ago I got bored and my feet were the closest things to sketch… 😛 In both sketches my legs were crossed and so I decided to draw my feet turned slightly upward. In the barefoot sketch it is noticeable that I was pressing my first two toes against something so that I could get a better view. I have found that the biggest challenge for me with sketching are proportion and distance. For example, in the crossed legs sketch I had a difficult time making the knee that big because I subconsciously want the knee and the foot to be proportionally the size that they would normally be when placed side by side. Along with that, my calf doesn’t look how my brain pictures it seeing that only half of it is visible and the other half is pressed against my left leg causing the calf to be naturally “distorted”.  Speaking of distorted, it may appear that my third toe is weirdly bent but the second toe is pressing it into that curled shape.

Thanks for looking at my art! That means a lot to me!!!


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