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Knit Blanket


September  2010 – February 2011

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted the last two weeks but seeing that it’s summer, Friday’s are REALLY busy! This post is quite debatable as to whether or not it’s “art”, but in my opinion  it qualifies. I designed the pattern, knit each individual square and “sewed” them together to create this tree in Autumn. The brown squares are the trunk and branches, where as the red, orange, yellow, and green squares are the leaves. Imagine a pixellated photo of a tree. While designing this blanket my main goal was to not have any of the leaves touch a leaf of the same colour. I was knitting in my grade 8 class whenever notes didn’t need to be copied, in the music class when I wasn’t playing, watching tv, reading, before bed, etc. All. The. Time! During Christmas break, I basically locked myself up to get all the squares that I had done sewn together in time for New Years Day. Unfortunately for me I hadn’t quite finished all the squares for I stopped knitting out of pure “dislike” and exhaustion for about a month. Finally finishing the last 15 out of 324 squares the blanket was finished!


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