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Sculpted Grotesque


January 2013
Yes this is a sculpted Grotesque and yes it looks like it just smashed into a wall like in the old cartoons, but it was an amazing learning experience! 🙂 I had a hunk of clay and a photo to go with and making that 2-D image come alive was an incredible journey!

You may not know what a Grotesque is but let me explain. There are two kinds of “ugly” faces that were built on the ancient churches and historic buildings and those are the Gargoyle and the Grotesque. The more familiar Gargoyles are used as a decorative drainage system for water running off the roof top. The Gargoyles will typically have a long neck to move the water as far from the building to decrease the chance of damage to the architecture. The Grotesques on the other hand are simply for decoration and will most often be in a crouched position.

As with all pieces of art that have a line of symmetry, one side is more likely to look better than the other. It’s possible that it may not be absolutely the left side or the right side but maybe sections of each half.  ie. the ears or the eyes. You may see this but I believe that it gives the “ugly” face some character, (it wouldn’t look ugly if it was perfect, right?) and it shows uniqueness. The exaggerated eye sockets, cheekbones and chin along with the pinched mouth and forehead are all unrealistic for a resting face which caused some difficulties because I was scared that I would make them too exaggerated or pinched, but again I had to remind myself that that’s exactly what a Grotesque is, unrealistic.


2 comments on “Sculpted Grotesque

  1. Rolina
    July 13, 2013

    Nice! I think it looks kind of cute, but I wouldn’t want to come across one! 🙂

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