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Panda Painting

Panda painting

December 2012

I bring you, (!!!)  *drum roll* a complementary colour painting with black and white accents! *putshish* But really, this painting wasn’t just random, although it may seem like it… I created this collage out of things that my little sister adores, therefore, not random…. 🙂 Ever since she got a little panda webkinz (that she named Pamela), pandas have been all around our house: panda stuffed animals, figurines, laughing pandas with glowing eyes from one of her friends that went to Paris (REALLY!), even doodles and drawings. Baby tomatoes were eaten by the fist full, kiwis, peaches  and strawberries whenever they came into season were bought and devoured by that little girl… Oh and nutella would go on everything if our parents would allow it…

Now to the actual painting. The black and white squares are placed at opposite ends to create a sense of calm within the storm of reds and greens whereas the colour bits on top of the black and white sections are to create unity within the painted collage.  Seems crazy to fight fire with fire but somehow it works. If you asked me to pick a favourite part of this painting I would have to say one of each for that very reason. Fire against fire actually works. For the coloured section my favourite part is the dark tomato that looks like it comes out of a Delicioso Pizza ad, and maybe it did. For the black and white, I would have to say the panda,  just because it’s so cute! I mean, look into those eyes and tell me it’s not so! 😛

If there’s one thing that I learned about my painting abilities is that I have a very difficult time blending shades to make something look 3-D and because of this I had to put extra effort into getting the fruits and bamboo to look the way they do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this strange and “informative” blog post, you all mean the world to me! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them down below!

P.S. The panda doesn’t count as a cartoon because somebody else drew it before I painted it. 😉

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