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Sketches on Mentos Wrappers

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It’s very rare for me to do sketches, and even more rare for me to keep them….. I know that sketches provide a very simple artistic exercise, but rarely can I bring myself to just sit and sketch.  When I do, there has to be a purpose, and the purpose for these is to show the artistic beauty of the church that I have the privilege of attending every Sunday. The images go in the order that the specific items appear from left to right across the front of the church.

I have to mentally prepare myself when I do this kind of art because proportion and distance are always major issues – especially so when I know what the object looks like. I always have difficulties drawing what I see rather than what my brain tells me is there.

My favourite image out of this series is the Bible and Microphone, it looks very realistic to me, not simplified like the Pulpit. Mind you, simplifying is an art in and of itself and I envy people who can draw cartoons and anime because I can’t and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. The Pulpit is an example of how simple I can draw…… usually I must have shading and exact lines, whereas the Pulpit is very freely “paraphrased” (or whatever the artistic equivalent is… 😛 ). I suppose that would be why I don’t “sketch”, I have issues simplifying.

I’d love to hear what you all think so….. Message me or comment down below!!!


2 comments on “Sketches on Mentos Wrappers

  1. Rolina
    June 28, 2013

    Are you saying that you don’t pay attention in church? tsk, tsk 😉

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