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Compass Print


December 2012

This was a particularly frustrating piece!!! The idea was to carve out a design in a block of linoleum. A corner design, “Romanesque” border and an image in the center that would make a larger image. After finally deciding what my large image would be, I set to work. The white sections are all the places that are carved out, and as you can see I had many curved lines that had to be made with the straight-edged tool. In the compass I used crossing lines to portray a sense of depth and differentiation. The compass is created to look as though it’s rising off the page and that if you reach out your hand you could almost feel the raised edges. As for the actual printing, I  created about 20ish corners. Many of them had to be recycled because the ink was either too runny and got in the intended white spots or the ink was too thick and didn’t print dark enough. These four prints on the other hand have little sections of lighter print which I really like because it adds a touch of  mock “age”, almost as if the compass was actually used in an exciting adventure to distance lands! Almost like in the “Here be ye dragons” times, if you will…  🙂



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