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My Grandfather and His Hat


November 2013

This is a weaved image of my Grandfather and his hat. He is my father’s father and passed away 6 years ago at the age of 90.  This pencil crayon drawing was a gift to my Dad. The black and white was drawn using pencils and the coloured areas are entirely pencil crayon.

The largest challenge, that I faced, was creating the correct colours. As each different colour took about 5 or 6 different colours to create. With paint that isn’t nearly as much of a problem because they all blend together and you can always add more of a certain colour to get the right shade, but not so much with pencil crayons. As I was trying to find the right colour, I would mark down each colour that I used in order to ensure that I would get consistent results. Another major challenge was lining up the designs that had a block in between and creating the distance perception of the tablecloth beneath the hat. And one of the hardest challenges to overcome, that isn’t specifically related to the art itself, was motivation. I struggled with this especially near the very end because each coloured square took about a quarter to a half hour from start to finish.

As this is possibly considered to be a somewhat controversial piece, I would like to say that I meant no disrespect to my Grandfather. I loved him very much and I tried to do his memory justice. I hope that at least in your eyes, I fulfilled what I set out to do.


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