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Three sisters

The Three Sisters

October 2011

I chose a photo that meant a great deal to me and tried to replicate it. This was originally a photo of my two sisters and myself at my graduation and I loved the photo because of the natural happiness in our eyes and the truly “real” smiles on our faces!
As I was drawing the picture I realized a few things; we all have an image of each and every person that you know. The longer you know a person, the more oppressing that image in your head becomes. There were many moments where I had to turn both the drawing and the photo upside down to get that “perfect” shape for a specific facial feature that just wouldn’t look right. That being said, the eyes and mouth are always the hardest for me. I must have re-done some of them 5 or 6 times!
This was my first “official” portrait, and I hope that the emotion shines through to you as it did and does for me!


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